Rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number – Shake your chains to earth like dew – Which in sleep had fallen on you – Ye are many – They are few

Santa Ana, California, not the one YOU are thinking of, is home to 40-50 Anarch vampires, kindred who follow no prince, no pack, who are free from strict regulations and are not collared by their elders. The city belonged to the Camarilla during WWII, but fell when the anarchs took over in the 50’s, killing or chasing out the Cam’s, diablorizing the prince. Their numbers were strong then. A population of mostly Brujah and Gangrel, they have held their ground during Sabbat attacks, but many of the older, stronger vampires of the city met final death, fighting harder and wilder to than others, to keep their freedom and destroy the raiders. Camarilla are met with hostility and threats, any new vampires asking asylum are watched closely, those who skulk about and think they are unknown, are watched even closer. Interaction may never happen, but you are never bothered.

There are few rules: Do not break the masquerade in a way harmful to us, outside of Carnival season. Respect the vampire of the demesne you are in, until he shows unworthy. Any you add to our ranks by your own blood are your responsibility. If it is decided you must leave the city or be killed, you will be given warning, tho in some cases you may just be killed, if you do not merit warning. There is no leniency for spies.

While the true Baron is away, currently the city is lead by two of his most trusted, each with a different take on unlife, but giving the denizens of darkness more comfort and options.

The stereotypical leather clad bikers stick to the Crooked Nail, a bar run by the Gangrel, Royce. There are color TV’s, some great wings for humans, cold, sometimes stale beer, billiards and of course karaoke on Thursdays. When fights do break out, they usually end with laughter and the two getting a bite to drink as friends.

Nikolai, the Viper of a businessman, runs the Casino Evening Star, which doubles as the unofficial vampire safe haven in Santa Ana. He makes good on his threats, and rules the money making side of life, king of contacts and influence for those he leads. He profits from more than jus the money the casino and it’s performers bring in and it would be silly to assume all deals were legal.

It is 1975. It has been 10 years since the last Sabbat attack

In Safety's Shadow