In Safety's Shadow

Masked Maiden

shadow sass

Skull Kid awakes from a dream were he is not quite himself, defeating a werewolf with a roman short sword. His hatred of the moon beasts snaps him back to reality as his dream self wears the vanquished foes skin, something HE would never himself do. He shown to the door of Evening Star by Jaque who tells him theres a cab waiting. Skull Kid commands to go to the Masked Maiden and the lasombra followeds a few cars behind.

Once at the club the Malkavian attempts to free a woman of her seemingly looser date by pushing him aside and therefore skipping the line but Jaque steps in and stops a potential scene. Ly, the vampire date of this man, shares some dom/sub small talk after Jaque gets the group inside (the bouncer does not look at her ass cuz he was slipped some money). After a brief, shadow filled stand off, Jaque goes to dance after Skull Kid decides to play pool. He impresses two men playing by juggling the billiard balls on his own table. Attempting to drop them and have them find their holes Jaque assists with the tendrils, as way of apology. The two cheat their way through a game and win, though it is contested by the two men who want to take it outside. outside does not work out for them, seeing the manifestation of the abyss both, while under the influence of alcohol suffer fatal heart attacks and the keys to their motorcycles are taken. Skull Kid throws them in the dumpster.

Back inside, Vincent’s voice comes on the microphone as a cabaret starts. (Bonus to SK for his collidescope of confectionary vs carnival of kink) Vincent chooses vampyres to come taste his willing dancers, and put on a show. Skull kid and Jaque of course are invited on stage and the Malkavian is introduced by Vincent as the singer and guitarist of a band that will be playing in the near future.



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