Baron and Mouthy Mechanic of Santa Ana


It is said he fought to take the city while wearing a colorful, jingle bell tipped jesters hat, to show that fools can be stronger than kings. He came up with a season for Carnival in the city, where the rebellious and masquerade-breaking anarch games are played, prizes are awarded and no one gets in trouble with the law. He prefers keeping a low profile, even if he is the Baron and spends his time working with cars and machinery, if a vampire has a problem, it is addressed in the more casual location of his garage office.

When hes feeling bored, aggravated, vulnerable or is being talked down to in a situation where he can’t properly lash out, Sabin toys with a military “dog tag”, although it hangs informally on a leather thong rather than a longer ball chain and is only half of the issued set. He is usually seen with a smirk, cowboy hat, hair tied back with a shoelace and a Rottweiler.

Not currently in town.



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